Happy Friday to you 🙂

Today’s newsletter won’t be like any other Friday newsletter I’ve written before.

Instead of doing my typical Friday Business Edition email…

I’m inviting you to join a NEW Facebook Group that I’m collaborating with Steve Tsentserensky on.

Hey there

It’s your main man, Francis, here with another business edition of The Nomad Newsletter.

Today is all about sharing helpful resources you can use to help you make money and live comfortably as a digital nomad. Because let’s be honest — the nomad life IS cool, but no one wants to live on the struggle bus…


It’s Francis here with another Friday Lifestyle edition of The Nomad Newsletter.

I hope you had a good week and you’re ready to chill and kick back for the weekend

— I know I am.

Today, I’m sharing a mixed bag of links I think will help you grow, thrive, and have a ton of fun as a digital nomad.

In front of you is the Monday Business edition of The Nomad Newsletter.

Today is all about sharing business ideas, tips, and resources to help you earn an income while working & traveling the world.

Usually, I send you a bunch of links on a variety of topics, but today I’m doing something different.

It’s your boy, Francis, here with another Friday’ lifestyle’ edition of The Nomad Newsletter.

Per the new changes, Fridays will focus on how to live comfortably and have sh*t tons of fun as a digital nomad. Because let’s be honest, it ain’t always sunshine and rainbows! We’re all human. So I hope this Friday edition will help you out on your journey.
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It’s Francis here with a Monday edition of the good ol’ Nomad Newsletter.

Today is all about giving you the resources, tools, and connections you need to help you thrive as a nomadic freelancer. Now, I COULD go deep on specific topics of freelancing…And I most certainly will…But I’ll need your help with that.

It’s Francis here with another Friday edition of The Nomad Newsletter.

I’m back to my regularly scheduled program of showcasing all of the awesomeness of the nomad life. From the cool countries opening up to location-independent workers, in-depth stories of current nomads, and what the future of digital nomadism looks like for aspiring remote workers — you get it all here.

It’s me, again.

So first, a question:

How well do you know me?

I mean, you read these emails…maybe click on a link or two…and even reply back sometimes when I ask you a question….But, like, do you know me? Actually, let’s be real, do you really know anyone in the online business world that well? Does anyone?

Probably not.

Yo yo yo,

It’s Francis here with another Monday edition of The Nomad Newsletter!

Today, I’m shaking things up…

If you’ve read the newsletter for a while, then you know I looooove showcasing the dreamy highlights of the digital nomad lifestyle. The beaches. The cities. The sights. The food. The fact that people are creating cool AF sh*t everywhere.


Soooo, I’m super out of my element here writing an email on a Sunday…

But here we are 🙂

On Friday, I asked if anyone is interested in joining me for a Q&A or a few training sessions about how to make $3k to $5k/month writing emails…

Got a good one for you today.

Especially if you wanna:

● Get the dopest deals on AirBnB
● Chow down Thai noodles
● Learning from Digital Nomad World’s Best
● Earn $3,000 – $5,000/client per month writing emails (doing what I do)

I hope your week is going well.

I’m freezing my ass off here in my Budapest home. And unfortunately, it’s only getting colder 🙁

The days will get shorter, the clothes will get thicker, and the temperature will drop like crazy…So I’m pretty jealous if you’re out somewhere chillin’ in the warm sun.

Hey hey,

It’s Francis here.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday.

It’s October 11th as I’m writing this, which means tomorrow is October 12th.  And October 12th is a special date for me.


Hey hey hey,

You know who it is.

It’s Francis with another Friday edition of The Nomad Newsletter.

Today is gonna be a good one. Not just because I say that literally every Monday and Friday (haha), but because I made today’s newsletter more linear…
Hey hey my friend,

It’s Francis here.

Your friendly neighborhood nomad with a Thursday pre-edition of The Nomad Newsletter.

Now, I don’t normally send emails on a Thursday, but this is an exception — and perhaps a new regular thing?(to be honest, idk yet)

Hey hey hey,

It’s Francis here.

In front of you is the Monday edition of The Nomad Newsletter.

Typically, Mondays are all about featuring digital nomads all over the world creating awesome stuff, the DL on moving abroad, and spotlighting a cool podcast or YouTube I enjoy or just discovered.

You’ve got another Friday edition of The Nomad Newsletter.

Today is all about giving you 4 tools you need to make your dreamy digital nomad lifestyle a reality.
I spent all week searching far and wide for proven, backed-by-results resources to help you make it rain, while working less than 4-5 hours a day…


Today, I wanna spill my secrets…

I’m going to take a quick step away from the ordinary newsletter format…

And instead, share with you my story.

So if you ever wondered how the hell I make enough money to live abroad and travel comfortably all over Europe…

Happy Monday.

Today, you’ve got another edition of the good ol’ Nomad Newsletter!

By the way, thanks for being here and reading…

Seriously, it means so much to me that you open my emails and take a look at what’s been going on with me, the remote work world, and what the heck nomads all over the planet are doing.

It’s Francis here with another Friday edition of The Nomad Newsletter.

Today, I’ve got a treat if you’re an up-n-coming freelancer.

Each of today’s topics are all about the “freedom business” component of nomading. Because sure, sitting on a beach in Bali or roaming the cobblestone streets of Europe is fun.

Yo yo yo

Got a case of the Mondays?

No worries, pal.

You’ve got the latest Monday edition of The Nomad Newsletter 😉

Today, I’m set to fire off a rocket launcher of inspiration to help you with all things freelancing, digital nomadism, and remote work.

Hey there

It’s Francis, here. Happy Saturday 🙂

I don’t normally email out of the regular Monday and Friday newsletters, but I got some news yesterday and I HAD to reach out…It looks like I had an email issue limiting the responses I can get from anyone who replied for the last 7 days.

It’s Francis here and with the latest Friday edition of The Nomad Newsletter!

This was a stellar week with a handful of entertaining Zoom calls with some kickass nomad entrepreneurs, stunning Santorini sunsets, and the discovery of even more people helping others launch their nomad lifestyles.

Howdy amigo,

It’s Francis here.

Today, you got yourself the Monday edition of the good ol’ Nomad Newsletter.

I’m still hangin’ hard here in Greece and will continue to kick it for another week until I trek back to Budapest. As I mentioned a few emails ago, it’s my first trip in 3 months. It feels really good.

It’s Francis.

Time for another Friday edition of The Nomad Newsletter.

I’m currently comfortably sittin’ pretty in the tiny village Naoussa, Greece. And let me tell ya, it’s gorgeous. It has all of the beauty of famous cities, like Mykonos and Santorini. You get the stunning blue and white buildings, tucked closely and wrapped around with winding walking paths — but without the constant stopping for IG influencers.

Hey hey dude,

It’s Francis here.

Happy Monday to ya 🙂

Over the last few days, I’ve traversed my way through Athens, Greece for a wedding and currently settled in a flat on some hills in Mykonos as of today. It’s been pretty chill.

It’s my first trip in a few months and, to be honest, I had to shake off some of the cobwebs and get back in the groove. But once I did, it felt amazing.



It’s Francis, here.

Happy Friday, my friend.

You’ve made it.

Before you kick it hard this weekend and prepare for a flurry of Labor Day-related emails and promotions. (I promise you, it’s happening) — here’s what I see kickin’ some major ass in the digital nomad community.

In this edition of TNN, you’ll discover: